Thursday, August 29, 2013

Yeringberg 1863 - 2013

Yeringberg 1863 - 2013 from ALF on Vimeo.

This is a short preview of a film photographer Adrian Lander and I are making about Yeringberg, an historic winery and vineyard in the Yarra Valley, celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2013: the clip starts with a painting of vintage at Yeringberg in 1875.
Third generation vigneron Guill de Pury tells the story of how his grandfather established one of the Yarra's grand 19th century wine estates; of how the young Guill grew up surrounded by history and memories after the original vineyard had been pulled out; and why in the late 1960s he re planted vines on the site his grandfather had chosen, and started making wine at Yeringberg again.
Original music by Dave Newington.
- This preview was put together to accompany a feature story on Yeringberg in the Aug/Sep issue of Gourmet Traveller WINE Magazine.


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