Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Future Makers - changes and corrections

Out now in all good bookshops
Cover photo: James Boddington
Quite a few things have happened since I delivered the manuscript of my book The Future Makers - changes, movements, developments. Those changes are listed here. I have also found a few mistakes in the book that I have corrected here. I will keep updating this section of the blog as things develop and as mistakes are found. If you find any bits in the book that need changing or correcting, please leave a comment.


Page 28: Tjanabi, the Melbourne restaurant owned by Aunty Carolyn Briggs, has closed down
Page 49 and elsewhere: Fosters have changed the name of their wine division to - and I’m not making this up - Treasury Wine Estates.
Page 291 and elsewhere: Toby Bekkers has taken a sabbatical from Paxton in McLaren Vale and is currently living with his family in the south of France. Lucky bugger.
Page 330: Jane Wilson has left the Lowe Family Wine Co in Mudgee to pursue her sustainable farming and organic beef businesses; she will also be launching her own single vineyard zinfandel, Icarus. And Lowe Wines has merged with Louee Wines from Rylstone.
Page 392: the big news in Tasmania is the sale of Gunns’ Tamar Ridge large vineyard and winery holdings to Victorian wine company, Brown Brothers, seeking to expand to cooler regions in response to global warming. This supports two main themes of the book: my strong belief that the future of Australian wine lies in the hands not of faceless corporate giants but in the hands of family-owned wineries; and that Australia’s wine landscape is already evolving as a direct result of climate change.
Page 402: Meadowbank Estate has been sold to neighbouring Frogmore Creek.

Photo: Adrian Lander

Page 1: Yes, I know, there are a few spelling mistakes in the list of wines in the picture ... but hey: it wouldn’t be a real wine bar if there weren’t, right?
Page 56: ‘these six grapes’ should also include sauvignon blanc
Page 94: Mildura is of course in north-west Victoria. Doh!
Page 203: The text should read: ‘Castagna is one of only four Australian members of Joly’s Return to Terroir group’
Page 315 caption: Cape Jaffa is in Mount Benson, not Coonawarra
Pages 340-341: this is a picture of Tamburlaine’s Hunter winery, not the vineyard in Orange


  1. Just started reading your book this morning Max. It's a wonderful read (despite being rather heavy to hold in bed) and I cannot wait to get back to it. Congratulations! Pippa

  2. Yes, it is available in the UK - contact the publishers there to find out who's stocking it:

    Hardie Grant Books UK
    Dudley House, North Suite
    34-35 Southampton St
    London WC2E 7HF
    Tel: + 44 207 420 9340

  3. p71 - there is a chapter headed "Pinot noir 5,100 hectares" then in the main body of the text it says "Don't get too excited. Even though 4500 hectares looks like a lot of pinot noir"...